Learning Names and Faces

Associate it with another of the same name and a story.

If you already know a person with the name of the person you have just met, then in your head imagine the two people doing something together.

Associate with a location and a story

If you have to remember what they have to do, then imagine them in a location you know, doing that thing.

Learning names that you have never heard of before.

If you have a name that you have not come across before, (or even if is one you have), sometimes with a minor bit of effort, you can break the name of that person down into words that make a story, and then link that story with some outstanding features of the person you have just met.

For example, you meet someone named 'Anghared' (pulled randomly from a baby name dictionary), then maybe you could break this into 'Anger' and 'Red' and imagine that the person you are meeting, if they get angry they turn very red.

If the situation was one where the words did not link easily into a story, then make one up for the person especially trying to use their outstanding characteristics.