Learning numbers.

The letter methods - learning single digits at a time

One of the common methods for learning sequences of numbers is to change them to letters and create words and subsequently stories from them.
Typically the numbers are coverted to consonants, and you are allowed to add any vowels, or the letters x,y,h,w between them to make it possible to make a variety of words from a given number.

0 s,z
1 t,d,th
2 n
3 m
4 r
5 l
6 sh,ch,j
7 c,k,g
8 v,f,ph
9 b,p
Therefore if you wish to remember the number 78, this can translate to 'cafe' or 'give'

Shape Methods - learning single digits at a time.

Using reasoning similar to that discussed in the Peg Method the numbers are individually substituted for items that are in themselves more memorable, and then a story or a journey is made up that incorporates those items.

2 Digit numbers to Peg Objects or Peg People method. This is the best method but it takes a little work. This method is a particularly efficient one AFTER you have mastered it, but takes a moderate amount of work to set up.

A summary is that you need to memorise 100 pegs before you start, and then use them to learn bigger numbers, 2 digits at a time.
For example the number 45 would be pegged to a first object or a person (say Sean Connery). The number 92 is associated with a second object or person (say Superman). To remember the number 4592 what needs to happen is you associate Sean Connery and Superman together in a story.
As you can imagine, in 5 seconds any number of amusing scenarios involving these 2 characters are generated with a bit of creativity.

It is a good example of 2 a tier method for learning... that is you make up a peg system before you start, to peg difficult to memorise items to easy to memorise items, and then actually spend your time memorising the sequences of easy to memorise items.

An example of a set of 100 objects is to be found at this location

Another way to go, as suggested, is to have 100 people rather than 100 objects to peg to. This is probably better again, since it allows you to make more interesting stories.

Learning the 100 people is a potentially exciting problem to overcome. There are many ways to do this, but once setup it makes memorising any number easy.
I would suggest that you go to a street with numbers 0 to 99 in it, and imagine who would live at the various addresses.
Create a Memory Masterpiece for each.

Other methods to associate 100 people with numbers to start with, you might use their rough ages, their net worth in thousands of dollars, or the letters in their names corresponding with the letters of the numbers involved, or any combination of these and others.

What about the spare digit??
NB with the left over digit e.g. if you had a number like 82323, you should use one of the other methods (which are used for single digits) above to finish off the story.

RecallPlus is obviously ideal for both setting up this method and subsequently learning the things that are required to be learnt