Story Memory Tool

The significance of the Story method is that it takes advantage of visual memory and Imagination as well as Associations.
You are able unlike the Journey Method to closely associate the story you tell with the thing you are to remember and actually have more room to make things particularly dazzle your memory!

How does one create a Story to remember something?

1. First you need to choose a location for your story to take place. Ideally make it somewhere you know... but also somewhere relevant to the list and somewhere different from ones you have used before, so that there is no overlap with other memories.
It can be international, or local.
It can be a place you have seen in a picture, seen yourself or have seen in your in your childhood... you have as usual plenty to choose from.

2. Now spend some time 'coloring in' the opening scene where the story is located.

3. Start the story incorporating the first item to be remembered. Try to imagine it in motion, in color with sound and ideally smell!

4. Add in the next item and then the next, so that it forms an epic!

5. Revise your story at optimal intervals to make sure it is there when you need it.

How does RecallPlus compliment the Story Method

RecallPlus is easily able to describe the story through a chain of textboxes +- images to go with it.
Each part of the story can be tested sequentially and individually using RecallPlus tracking of associations.

Suggestion:- if you spend the time making especially strong associations using techniques such as these, it is suggested that you increase the time until RecallPlus tests you for the first time on your notes.
Select menu item - 'Options' - 'Preferences' - 'Timing' - 'Minimum interval to test' - change this from 10 to 60 or even 240 minutes!